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From A to Z, when you have to go shopping, Dupree is the place to be.

Financial Services Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
1st Financial Bank USA Nyal Moninger 605-365-5191 M-W,F 9:00am-3:00pm

  or 800-657-4381

    Th 9:00am-5:30pm
1st Insurance Services, Inc. Dondra Menzel 605-365-5195 M-W,F 8:00am-5:00pm
Auto, Health, Life, Crop, Home, & Farm Insurance         Th 9:00am-5:30pm
Attorney - Tax Preparation Eric Bogue 605-967-2529      
Cheryl Bogue 605-365-5172      
Food & Drink Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
Webb's General Store Dick & Joann Webb 605-365-5283     M-F 8:00am-6:00pm
Ranch House Cafe Alan Bakeberg 605-365-5700     M-Th 6:00am-8:00pm
        Fri/Sat 6:00am-9:00pm
        Sun 9:00am-2:00pm
The Hot Spot Rusty & Shelly Brehmer 605-365-5799      
Maria's Bar Mary Reede 605-365-5835      
Cenex Convience Store Nan Farlee 605-365-5370      
Fuel Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
Dupree Oil Co, LLC Joe Locken 605-365-5217      
Farmers Union Oil Mariah McLellan 605-365-5212     M-F 7:00am-6:00pm
Auto Repair Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
Dosch Ranch, Inc   605-365-5455      
Farmers Union Oil Mariah McLellan 605-365-5212      
Dupree Repair & Welding J.J Mortenson 605-365-5125      
Construction Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
Lee Unlimited, Inc. Clint Birkeland 605-365-5430 605-365-5430
Denton Construction Galen Denton 605-365-5264      
Chuck's Decks & Sheds Chuck Rankin 605-365-5390      
Lumber Ranch John Hight 605-365-5491     M-F 7:00am-6:00pm
  605-365-5389 After Hours   Sat 8:00am-
605-365-6098 After Hours   12:00pm
    Open During
Sam Owen Repair Sam Owen 605-365-5690      
Veit Construction Jim Veit        
Farm & Ranch Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
ABJ Feeds, Inc. AJ Starr 605-365-5771      
Starr Feeds



Vernon Starr

Bill Clark

Jess Starr




D&K Ag Service


Donald & Kimberly McDaniel 605-964-6624


Cenex Harvest States Elevator Kimball Russell 605-365-5332 605-365-5533    
Legal Contact Phone Fax  E-Mail Hours
Ziebach County Abstract Co, Inc Raymond Kintz 605-365-5247      
Bogue & Bogue Law Office Cheryl Bogue 605-365-5171      
Media Contact Phone Fax  E-Mail Hours
West River Eagle Wendy Miller 605-964-2100 605-964-2110

Isabel Dakotan Barb Begeman 605-466-2258 605-466-2258  
Accomodations Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
Personal Care Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
Hair Designs by Dana Dana Haskell 605-365-5841      
Avon Kim Shannon 605-365-5286      
Michelle Wall 605-538-4454      
Reliv Linda Olsen 605-365-5148      
Nutrional Products Monica Stambach 605-365-5444      
Advocare Amy Linn 605-365-5238      
Nutritional Products Cindy Eaton        
Seniors Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
Faith Senior Center Nutrition Program   605-967-2175     Faith
Dupree Senior Center Nutrition Program Carmen Russell 605-365-5368     Dupree
Trucking Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
Anderson Trucking Lonnie Anderson 605-365-5398      
Farlee & Sons Trucking Donnie Farlee 605-365-5287      
 Crafts Contact Phone Fax  E-Mail Hours
Bones From the Prairie Mary Lu Griffith 605-365-5227      
Human Service Contact Phone Fax  E-Mail Hours
Dupree Manor   605-365-5429      
Sioux YMCA
Craft Project
Claudia Randall 605-365-5232 605-365-5230    
Other Contact Phone Fax E-Mail Hours
Lenk Restorations Quinn Lenk 605-365-5426      
B&K Storage Ramon Birkeland 605-365-5458      
Kevin Keegan 605-347-3499      
Ash Creek Taxidermy Ramon Birkeland 605-365-6146      


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