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Lenk Restorations located in Dupree, South Dakota, is a father and son owned collection of vintage farm tractors, stationary engines and farm collectibles. Lenk Restorations is dedicated to Preserving The Past, For The Future.



Lenk Restorations offers visitors the opportunity to view the vintage items of the past and watch demonstrations of many of the items. Each year, on the third Sunday of September, Lenk Restorations, along with other local collectors, sponsor the Dupree Threshing Day. This event is free to the public and offers something for everyone. Events include: threshing with a Belle City separator powered by a Rumley Oilpull, stationary engine displays and demonstrations, tractor and implement displays, dynamometer testing of horsepower, corn planter lid and cast iron seat displays, and having a dish of homemade ice cream. In keeping with the theme of Preserving The Past For The Future, hands-on activities for kids are a large part of the Dupree Threshing Day. Kids operate hand corn shellers, churn butter, use a hand crank ice cream freezer, make their own rope, operate a cream separator, use different types of washing machines, and much more. A lunch stand is available with barbequed pork sandwiches being the specialty. This is an event where you can bring the entire family and relive the days of the past.

This extraordinary collection may be viewed at any time by contacting Ray or Quinn Lenk at (605) 365-5337 or (605) 365-5426.









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