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Here are some of the many ways to get out of the house and get involved in and around Dupree.


Dupree Community Club Contact Position  Phone E-mail
Mark Stevens   President    
Secretary - Eva Blankenbiller
Vice President - Phyllis Richards
Treasurer - Carolyn Brooks
All Community Member Invited to Attend the Meetings
Contact to rent Harry's Hall Dondra or LeeAnne 605-365-5195
Post Prom Committee - Dupree Community Club Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Suria Woodward   605-365-5389  
Members: Natasha Starr, Mark Stevens, Rhea Stevens
We provide a fun post prom evening for DHS students and surrounding community's students.
Dupree Community Club, Inc. Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Beverly Ann Birkeland 605-365-5341
Rick Farlee-President, Nyal Moninger-Vice President, BeverlyAnn Birkeland-Secretary/Treasurer
Members: Bernie Anderson, Mark Stevens, Mike Burgee, Tracie Henderson, Cindy Longbrake, Larry Ross
Annual Meeting held third Saturday of January each year.  Other meetings as called for.
Pioneer Hall was built in 2001 with donations and grants.  They are still selling brands and ads to by hung in Pioneer Hall.
To rent Pioneer Hall, contact either Mark or Nyal at 605-365-5191
4-H Contact Position  Phone E-mail
Young Riders 4-H Club  Michelle Wall & CallieStarr Leaders


Mustangs 4-H Club Tracie Henderson Leader    
Prairie 4-H Club Deb Gropper & D'Anne Thompson Leaders    
Friendly Few 4-H Club Nila Woodward & Suria Woodward Leaders    
Top Hand 4-H Club Kim Bachman Leader    
Dupree Rodeo Club Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Nate Greub President    
Shane Farlee-Vice President, Darla Vrooman-Treasurer, Nancy Anderson-Secretary, Jess Woodward and Trey Young-HighSchool Representatives
Members: Joe Wishard, Kayla Farlee,   Clay Farlee,  Sean Deal, Cindy Longbrake, Merton Eaton,
Dale McLellan, Kerry McLellan, Maurice Lemke,  Lonnie Anderson
Dupree Pioneer Days held 2nd Weekend of July
July 8-11, 2010
Dupree Alumni Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Cindy Longbrake President 605-365-5482  
Callie Starr-1st Vice,  Judy Anderson-Secretary/Treasurer
Members: Natasha Starr,  Lonnie Anderson, Rhea Stevens, Robyn DePoy,

Kayla Farlee, Sherry Higdon,

Dupree Alumni Reunion held every year during Dupree Pioneer Days.
July 9, 2010 at the Dupree School
Dupree Horizons Committee Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Danelle High Elk Chairman    
Members: Mark Stevens, Natasha Starr, Dondra Menzel, Kandice Hoffman, Phyllis Richards, Shane Farlee, Una Howe, Don Howe, Faye High Elk, Mary Lu Griffith
County Commissioners Contact Position  Phone E-mail
Clint Farlee, Pete Longbrake, Dean Johnson, Ralph Lyons, Robert Kessler
Fireman's Auxiliary Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Tracie Henderson President 605-964-2785  
Virginia Hertel - Vice President,

Carolyn Brooks - Secretary/Treasurer

Dupree Volunteer Fire Department Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Bob Menzel Fire Chief 605-365-5124  
Prairie Strippers Quilt Guild Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Beverly Ann Birkeland 605-365-5341  
Beverly Ann Birkeland-Dupree, Rita Birkeland-Dupree, Yvonne Donovan-Dupree, Judy Dosch-Dupree, Rita Duck-Faith, Eldora Fischbach-Faith, Judith Higgens-Howes, LuAnne Jordan-Faith, Amy Linn-Dupree, June McLellan-Lantry, Roxie Stambach-Dupree, Mona Thomas-Faith, Virginia Till-Dupree, Gloria Traversie-Faith, Mona Williams-Faith
The Quilt Guild was started in October 1993 and got their name from Living on the Prairie and doing Strip Quilting. They meet once a month (no certain date)- Have Fun learning at each meeting. Each year they have a Quilt Show or Classes in Dupree or Faith.
Members live 25 miles west of Faith, 10 miles north of Dupree, 35 miles south of Dupree, 10 miles east of Dupree and some live in Dupree & Faith.
American Legion Post 124 Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Pete Veit   605-365-5199  
Clint Farlee, Gordon Wince, Keith Willard
American Legion Auxiliary Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Jean Farlee President 605-365-5485  
Jean Farlee, Shelly Brehmer, Kathy Olsen
CFEL Women's Extension Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Bonnie Mitchell   605-538-4265  
Ziebach County Historical Society Contact Position  Phone E-mail
Modern Woodman Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Kandice Hoffman Leader 605-365-5486  
Dupree Main Street Clean-Up Committee Contact Position  Phone E-mail
  Kandice Hoffman   605-365-5486  


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